It’s about time: Something new from Dav Pilkey

The Adventures of Ook and Gluk, Kung-Fu Cavemen From the Future, by Dav Pilkey (lexile: 420; AR book level: 2.5; 175 pp)

Dav Pilkey, creator of that favorite superhero-in-briefs, Captain Underpants, has FINALLY come out with something new and equally funny: The Adventures of Ook and Gluk, Kung-Fu Cavemen from the Future.  Unlike Pilkey’s Captain Underpants and Ricky Ricotta books, Ook and Gluk is all comic book/graphic novel format.  And it’s ostensibly written & illustrated by none other than George Beard and Harold Hutchins, the fourth-grade heroes of the Captain Underpants books.

Mischievous Caveboys Ook & Gluk live in Caveland, Ohio, in 500,0001 BC, where they spend most of their time annoying the village ruler, Big Chief Goppernopper.  Caveland is threatened, however, when a distant descendant of Goppernopper travels back in time from 2222 AD to steal their natural resources.  Ook, Gluk, and their baby Tyrannosaurus Lily use the time portal to travel to the future, where they learn kung-fu and eventually return just in time to save the day.  You’ll find plenty of goofiness here, and even a lesson about environmental conservation.   And the story is liberally illustrated with lots of Pilkey’s own “Flip-O-Rama” animations.   (On Amazon’s Ook & Gluk page, you can currently see a video of Dav drawing a Flip-O-Rama.)

I’ve read numerous reviews of Ook & Gluk, and some parents (though no kids) fear that the purposeful misspellings in the book (designed to reflect George and Harold’s own free-spirited orthography) will confuse kids who are still learning to spell.  I think most will recognize them as part of the humor, along with the cave people speaking in “Cavemonics”: “Me no spel good.”  (Check out this review from a once-skeptical mom who was won over by her 10-year old’s enthusiasm over reading Ook & Gluk.)

P.S. JUST out by Pilkey, and JUST ARRIVED in our library:  Super Diaper Baby 2: The Invasion of the Potty Snatchers, another graphic novel from the imaginations of George & Harold!  I just read it this morning, and laughed out loud — IN THE LIBRARY, if you can imagine that!  (Yes, we sometimes laugh in our department, and sometimes the dinosaurs roar and the puppets get a bit rowdy.)


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