Underwear is STILL Funny: Picture Books

As highlighted in a previous post, any kids book in which underwear figures prominently in the plot is automatically funny.  There I featured chapter books; here are some equally funny undie-themed picture books.

Underwear! by Mary Elise Monsell (lexile: 420; AR book level: 3.4; 22 pp)

Zachary Zebra and Orfo the Orangutan love underwear — all colors, prints and styles.  Sometimes they wear all their underwear at once!  Grumpy Bismark the Buffalo, however, does not, nor does he laugh or tell silly jokes.  He’s so gloomy even the bugs leave him to find a happier buffalo.  Can Orfo and Zachary convince their friend to lighten up, laugh, and even wear underwear?  Very cute, silly, and the pictures of Orfo and Zachary cavorting in all their underwear are sure to elicit giggles.

Aliens Love Underpants, by Claire Freedman (lexile: 860; AR book level: 2.9; 22 pp)

When aliens fly down to Earth,
They don’t come to meet YOU…
They simply want your underpants–
I’ll bet you never knew!

There are no underpants in outer space, so of course these round, brightly-colored aliens must sneak to earth to steal ours!  You may find them in the sock drawer, or grabbing long-johns from the clothesline.  Funniest are the antics of what they do with the various pieces of undergarment, told in bouncing rhyme and vibrant pictures.  This is my favorite in the series, but the others so far:

Dinosaurs Love Underpants (lexile:  740; AR book level:  2.6; 32 pp)

Aliens Love Panta Claus (lexile: 1190; AR book level: 3.6; 32 pp)

Aliens in Underpants Save the World (lexile: NA; AR book level: 3.2; 28 pp)

Charlie’s Superhero Underpants, by Paul Bright (lexile:  NA; AR book level: 2.8; 24 pp)

When a great wind blows through, the family’s clothing is blown off the line to the far corners of the world — including Charlie’s Superhero Underpants!  Wearing those underpants (which have “POW!” on the front), Charlie has captured bad guys and rescued drowning swimmers.  So with his faithful dog and a pack of supplies, he sets off around the world to find his missing undies.  Traveling to France, the Serengeti, Peru and the Mississippi River, he manages to collect the rest of his family’s missing clothes, but not the underpants.  It’s only when he reaches the heights of Nepal that he discovers them — and the two-page fold-out of who (or what) is wearing them is sure to make kids laugh.  The rhyme is not quite Seuss-quality, but it’s fun, and the pictures are great.


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