Fantasy Light: Beast Quest

Swords!  Dragons!  Wizards!  I have long loved fantasy adventures, in which the humble hero is called to undertake the quest, rescue the kingdom, and save the world.  Little wonder my favoritest* book series of all time is J.R.R. Tolkien’s epic, The Lord of the Rings.

Younger guys who’d like to experience the adventure of a quest without tackling the 1200 pages of Tolkien’s masterpiece will like this Beast Quest series — battle the beasts and save the kingdom, all in under 80 pages.

     *Yes, ‘favoritest’ — more favorite than my other favorites.

Ferno the Fire Dragon (Beast Quest series, #1), by Adam Blade (lexile: NA; AR book level: 4.5; 78 pp)

Trouble is brewing in 12-year-old Tom’s village — crops burnt, the river drying up, horses attacked, and no one knows why.  So Tom volunteers to go to the king for help.  But on arriving at the palace he learns that the whole kingdom of Avantia is in peril.  The evil wizard Malvel has enslaved six magical beasts that normally protect the kingdom, forcing them to destroy the land instead.  Tom takes on the quest to find and free each of the six beasts from its enchantment.  Along the way he’ll get help from many people, including the good wizard Aduro and his friend Elenna and her pet wolf, Silver.

Looking through a lot of reviews, I’ve found a common theme: parents who say these books are not very deep or exciting, and boys who think they’re AWESOME.  And that’s a good summation.  They’re short, fast-paced, and straight-forward.  Each introduces another scary beast that Tom and Elenna must confront.  And (with the exception of one minor character) no one dies in the first 8 books (all I’ve read).

Like the Magic Tree House books, Beast Quest is an ongoing series with lots of titles, each the same length, with very predictable (and therefore easier-to-read) plot elements.  Each set of 6 books is a quest with a unified theme.  There are 54 titles so far, but only the first 24 are usually found in libraries in the U.S.  (The rest are available in the U.K., where the series originated.) So far at our library we have:

  1. Ferno the Fire Dragon
  2. Sepron the Sea Serpent
  3. Cypher the Mountain Giant
  4. Tagus the Night Horse
  5. Tartok the Ice Beast
  6. Epos the Winged Flame
  7. Zepha the Monster Squid
  8. Claw the Giant Ape

You can see all the titles in our library system here, and the series list through #36 can be found here.


5 responses to “Fantasy Light: Beast Quest

  1. Ooooh…I’ll have to look in to these for Ethan! Are they about the same reading level as, say, Magic Tree House? E loves fantasy and sci-fi…he’s all about Harry Potter, Star Wars, etc…and we JUST finished The Hobbit together…which he LOVED! This is a boy after my own heart! We’ll definitely check out Beast Quest! I have the first one on hold! 🙂

  2. Sarah — They’re a little harder reading than MTH, but I noticed that for less common words the author does a good job making the meaning clear.
    I should say these are not near the quality or depth of The Hobbit or LOTR, but they are nice as introductory fantasy.

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  4. I finally got around to picking up the first Beast Quest book! Ethan and I both really enjoyed it. He seems to really enjoy fantasy which makes my heart happy. We’ve already started number 2 and have 3 and 4 waiting in the wings! 🙂 Thanks so much for the recommendation! I really appreciate your blog as it is a place I can go for some excellent ideas for E.

  5. Sarah — Glad you’ve found something he likes, and thanks for the kind words about the blog! John

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