A Question: How can we make it better?

I’ve been blogging here since November of 2011, and the blog is getting BIG!  I’ve reviewed several hundred books.  If you click on “The List” at the top of the page, it will take you to the barely organized catalog of all the titles or series I’ve covered.

If you subscribe to, occasionally visit, or have just stumbled across this blog, I’d love to hear what you find helpful or interesting, and what you think I could add or change to make it better.  Particularly, I’d appreciate if it you’d click on the “Contact” tab at the top and answer any of these questions:

1) Who are you? — student, parent, teacher, librarian, space alien?

2) Is the blog useful? — Does it help you make good book choices for yourself or others?  Does it include the information you need?  What would you like to see added?

3) Is the blog useable? — Can you easily find what you want?  As the blog has gotten bigger, I’m thinking it might be time add some other way to search or organize the contents, maybe some additional lists of books by topic.

4) Is the blog fun? — Interesting?  Does it make you eager to read or share these books?

I know I enjoy writing the blog, and it helps me better serve the patrons of the library where I work.  If it helps others in Illinois, around the country, or even around the world, all the better.

Thanks for reading, thanks for your feedback!



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