A Galaxy Far, Far Away: All Things Star Wars

luke_skywalkerI saw the very first Star Wars film (now called A New Hope) WAY back in 1977, and was immediately hooked.  Much more than just another sci-fi flick, it was an EPIC to me:  think Tolkien with spaceships.  Like many boys then and now, I wanted to BE Luke Skywalker, to wield that lightsaber, to blow that Death Star to smithereens.

All things Star Wars — including books –are still hugely popular with guys.  And many of our library patrons are surprised to find we have a BUNCH of Star Wars books of all types, for virtually all reading levels.  Here’s an overview of some in our library.

Beginning Readers

luke_skywalkerLuke Skywalker’s Amazing Story, by Simon Beecroft (lexile: NA; AR book level: 2.3; 32 pp)

For young fans who are 1st- or 2nd-grade readers, here’s a VERY abbreviated version of all three of the first movies (New Hope, Empire, Return) in a few pages with pictures from the movies.  The author uses the clever device of ending many pages with an ellipsis that prompts the reader to guess the name of the new character introduced on the next page.  It even has a simple index that kids can learn to use!

There are other Star Wars beginning readers at various reading levels.  You can find all of them in our library system by clicking here.

Graphic Novels

new_hope_gnStar Wars, Episode 4, A New Hope (91 pp)

There are plenty of Star Wars graphic novel series, but this is my favorite.  Instead of drawings, these are illustrated with actual pictures from the movies, with the movie dialogue in speech bubbles.  Readers who know the movies will find these easier to read because the content is already familiar.  The others are:

Some other Star War graphic novel series:

kotor1Commencement (Knights of the Old Republic series #1)

This comic book-style series is set 4,000 years before Luke Skywalker’s days, and tells the story of Padawan Zayne Carrick, falsely accused of murder and a fugitive from the Jedi.  There are loads of battles, droids, wild characters and unique planets in the 10 volumes (each about 140-160 pp).  Click here for links to all the titles  in our library system.

droidsStar Wars Omnibus series

These are compilations of Star Wars comic books published by Dark Horse Comics.  Each volume contains400+ pages of comics centered around a single theme or time period in the Star Wars saga.  Some retell the movie stories, but most are stories that happened before, between, or after the movies.  For example, the Droids volume contains the adventures of C3PO and R2D2 before they met Luke Skywalker.  Click here for all the Omnibus volumes in our library system.  You can find a good guide to all the Omnibus volumes (28 so far) and their contents here at the Wookiepedia.

There are lots of Star Wars graphic novel series — click here to see all of them in our library system.

Enough for now.  I’ll save some other Star Wars stuff for a future post.


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