Review Requests

“Would you review my book?”

Some of you have written books, which is very exciting, and you’re eager for others to enjoy the fruits of your hard work.  As an author myself, I applaud and appreciate that.

You may have landed here looking for reviewers with an audience to help get the word out.  Honestly, I don’t have much of an audience; but additionally, if you read my About page, you’ll see that the purpose of THIS blog is to help kids in the library where I work and our wider library system connect with books in our libraries.  Every review is linked to our library catalog.  So, if your book isn’t already our library system or at least on order, I won’t review it.  That doesn’t mean it’s not worth reviewing; it just doesn’t fit my blog’s purpose.

Rarely, if your book is a good fit for boys, and available in hardback, and I like it enough to recommend ordering a copy for our library, then I will consider reviewing it in the blog.  But I always seem to have more books to read than time, so even then I may not get to yours very quickly!


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